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    Celebrity With The Most Twitter Followers

    The celebrity with the most twitter followers is American singer Katy Perry (@katyperry). At the moment (june 2015) Katy Perry has more than 70 million followers. Top 10 ...

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    Fastest Women’s Tennis Serve Ever

    German Sabine Lisicki is the current record holder of the fastest tennis serve ever at 131mph (211km/h). She hit the serve against Ana Ivanovic in the first round ...

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    Fastest Tennis Serve Ever

    Australian Samuel Groth holds the record of the fastest tennis serve ever. On 9 May 2012 Groth served a ball with 263 km/h (163.4 mph) during an ATP ...

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    Longest Tennis Point Ever Played

    The tennis match between Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner in 1984 at a tournament in Richmond, Virginia broke many records. It is the longest women’s tennis match ever ...

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    Women With The Strongest Breasts

    Don’t make fun of Busty Heart (Susan Sykes) or she will heart you with her breasts! She is known as the women with the strongest boobs in the ...

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    Loudest Burp By A Woman

    Meet Jodie Parks. A beautiful lady also known as the “Queen of Burps” or the Farmers Queen. A title she deserves, Jodie has a spot in the Guinness ...